Welcome To France

Amazing museums, awe-inspiring churches, beautiful neighbourhoods, fantastic gourmet restaurants, vibrant cafés, fascinating boutiques, and stunning gardens abound in France’s biggest towns. To scrape the surface, travellers might spend a week in Paris, Nice, Lyon, or Bordeaux, but all of the destinations on our list are worth a few days.





Amiens has everything a smart French city should have: a majestic Gothic cathedral, bustling cafés, fascinating museums, and a few surprising sites. The city’s main attraction is the UNESCO-listed Cathédrale Notre-Dame, France’s largest Gothic cathedral. However, there is enough to see and do outside of the church.

In French cities, tourist services abound, and the cities are well-designed to welcome visitors. Travelers can rely on dependable public transportation as well as a diverse selection of hotels and other accommodations. You can select the best places to visit with our list of the top cities in France.