Lyon has numerous attractions, but it is most renowned for its gastronomy, which is set on the banks of two rivers. Lyon is renowned as the gourmet capital of France. Foodies flock to this old city for a taste of authentic French cuisine. In one of the city’s many “bouchons,” or tiny brasserie/bistro cafes, visitors may enjoy traditional Lyonnais food.


Visitors flock to Marseille to take in the vibrant energy and distinct ambiance of a true working port. Marseille (often spelled Marseilles) is France’s oldest city, with a 2,600-year history. In terms of population, Marseille is France’s second most populated city. 


One of Lille’s main attractions is the Grand Area (Area du Général de Gaulle), a popular gathering place for locals and a stunning showcase of Flemish Baroque architecture that attracts tourists. Not to be missed is the Palais Beaux-Arts, a superb fine arts collection housed in a beautiful 19th-century building.